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GTM Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in glass machinery for more than 20 years.We keep working on solutions for glass processing. Not only making a machine to reach the requirements from customers but also looking for a way to provide you the most economical, the best quality equipment and service.

GTM Glass Machinery Company is activaly exploring and practicing the "win-win" mode,always guarantee you better solution for your factory .

Our company has already built an excellent reputation in many countries. You may easily find one GTM machine in your neighbor factory or your neighbor city. 

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Main Product

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GM9 Glass straight-line edging machine

GM9 Glass Straight-line Edging Machine (9 Spindles),give you a very shinny flat polishing by one pass.

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GM10J Glass flat edger &variable miter machine

GM10J Glass Flat Edger&Variable Miter Machine (10 Spindles),able to process the flat edger and mitering by changing the angles of the spindles.

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GX262 Glass straight-line beveling machine

GX262 Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine.It is easy to operate and has good performance.

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GX25B Glass Washing machine

GX25B Glass Washing Machine Gear driving system for the main transmission, frequency speed control and digital display.The machine is running smoothly and quietly.

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GX25L Glass Vertical Washing Machine

GX25L vertical washing machine is designed for wash the glass before further processing in order to remove glass chips, dirt and oil.

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GPS25 Automatic glass sandblasting machine

GPS25 Glass Automatic Sandblasting Machine,easy to operate and maintain

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GY1 Glass Shape Edging Machine

GY1 Glass Shape Edging Machine designed for the grinding and polishing of external edges of shaped glass

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GJ3 Glass Horizontal Drilling Machine

GJ3 Glass horizontal drilling machine is High-efficiency,Economical and Practical machine.It is the best glass drilling machine for SHOWER DOOR and one machine instead of three

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